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Menai Oysters and Mussels Ltd

Fresh Cultivated Oysters and Mussels
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Oysters/ mussels are  in Stock.


Our lovely oysters are available in dozens. Just select from the list below..

1 Dozen Oysters   £7.00  

2 Dozen Oysters   £14.00

3 Dozen Oysters  £21.00 

4 Dozen Oysters   £28.00

5 Dozen Oysters   £35.00

6 Dozen Oysters   £41.00

7 Dozen Oysters   £47.00

8 Dozen Oysters   £53.00

Large Oysters

The same lovely Menai Oysters only bigger...much bigger. If not in stock go to Contact Us and tell me to get some in. (They take up a lot of tank space).

1 Dozen Large Oysters  £14.00  

2 Dozen Large Oysters  £28.00  

3 Dozen Large Oysters  £42.00  


Our cultivated mussels delivered to your door. Why not add a bag to an order of oysters...available September-April.

2Kg Mussels    £5.00    

4Kg  Mussels    £10.00      

5Kg  Mussels    £12.50  

6Kg  Mussels    £15.00  

8Kg  Mussels    £19.00