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For more up to date news visit our Facebook page, this is more archive now.

July 2009

I supply tractor and trailer for filming

22nd July 2009 and hollywood came to Anglesey. Warner Brothers required a tractor and trailer capable of going into the sea to film a scene or 2 for its new film "The Clash of The Titans", a remake of the classic 1981 film. Making a living from the sea, I not only had the tractor, but also 2 stainless steel trailers ideally suited for their requirements. With the assistance of a tractor owning friend (2 tractors were needed) we carried the genset and camera to LLandwyn Island for 2 days of filming.

It was a different experience seeing first hand what goes into making a hollywood film on location. For most of the time it is just hanging around, but then at just the right moment you are called into play your part. For me, it was manouvering the camera and mounting (costing a cool £1,000,000) into the various places required to film the actors. I just needed my reversing skills with a trailer to be spot on as everyone watches. As it happens everything went well. There are a lot of people there, seemingly with little to do, but at the right moment they spring into action like an well oiled machine. The actors on the other hand spent a couple of hours being hosed down with seawater and lying motionless on the sand, a somewhat chilly days work for them.

Being the oysterman I also brought some of my work to the set, where it has to be said they went down a treat. With lemons, Tabasco and shallot vinegar appearing on the day as if by magic. I also managed to get my family on set to see what happens and my kids were entertained by Jason Flemyng so I got brownie points for that.
I also have to say thanks to the grips Phil, Dave, Jim, Lol,  as well as Terry, Linsi and Peter ( he ate so many oysters) for making work seem like fun! Well it was for a casual part timer.....

January 23rd 2009
Hairy Bikers work the coal face of mussel farming.

Sunday 23rd January saw the Hairy Bikers, Si and Dave have ago at mussel harvesting. It was a beautiful, if somewhat windy day when the bikers arrived on their Rocket III's. Kitted out in the finset neoprene chest waders and selotape (you will have to watch the show for this) we walked to the mussels for harvesting.

This was not as easy as it seems. The mud proved a challenge with both Si and Dave having a bit of a wallow, quickly accompanied by the producer and other members of the crew succumbing to this sticky delight.

After getting the hang of the mud, mussels were gathered cleaned and hauled with Simon telling me I 'must be out of my mind' to do what I do. After leaving the beach a spot of processing was demonstrated and then the pair opted for a pressure washing using the tractor powered washer. From then it was into my mum's kitchen to do a spot of cooking and oyster tasting.
A bit of a shock for my mum to find the bikers and crew piling into the kitchen but as the lads are very nice it was no bother.

Look out for the programme in June....well they said it was but now it has been put back to who knows....

Dave, me and Simon after the days graft..