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Gilded Oyster Shells

You will find a selection of gilded oysters shells here. The photgraphs don't do them justice as there are subtle differences in the colour that are not readily picked out by the camera.
These are oyster shells that have been oil gilded with various gold and silver leaf. Only the exterior of the shell has been gilded and we think this has a great contrast with the shells own mother of pearl interior. Makes a special decoration or holder for jewelry.

Now have a reduced carriage rate for the gilded products.

Silver, moon gold and 23 carat yellow gold (Above)

White Gold and yellow gold mussel shell (Above)

Just an Idea! For those romantic men out there....

Right click on a picture and select view image to see a larger picture...

Moon Gold On Oyster Shell

Moon Gold Leaf Oyster Shell  £14.00 each

23 Carat Gold On Oyster Shell

23 Carat Gold Leaf Oyster Shell  £12.50 each

12 Carat White Gold on Oyster Shell

12 Carat White Gold Leaf on Oyster Shell  £12.00 each

Silver On Oyster Shell

Silver Leaf on Oyster Shell  £11.00 each